Tynemouth Village Association works hard to protect and improve our built environment but we also know that what lies in between is very important too- that is, the streets where we live, shop and go about our business.‚Äč

It has been shown that injuries on the road, especially serious injuries and deaths are significantly reduced when traffic is slower and this has been a driving motive behind campaigns to cut speeds in residential areas, but there are other benefits too.

Lots of research has shown that the quality of life of individuals is influenced by the opportunities they have to get to know and interact with the people around them, especially neighbours. These opportunities are restricted by fast, noisy traffic on their streets.

Noisy and dangerous roads may worst affect the most vulnerable, such as people with mobility problems and visual or hearing impairments, together with families with young children but they have an impact on all of us at some time.

We also know that most of us would improve our health if we walked a bit more, which people we tend to do if streets are attractive and feel safe .

For all these reasons the Village Association has long campaigned for speed limits to be introduced and were delighted when at last the Council designated Tynemouth Village as a 20mph zone. Our main job now is to encourage everyone to observe it and press for enforcement measures to remind those who persistently drive too fast. We will also continue to press the council to make sure the signs are clearly visible and to tidy up the scheme, so that limits do not come, go and come back again all within a few hundred yards, as at present.

Joyce Leeson

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