The Final Outcome (April 2014)

The Tynemouth Village Conservation Area Management Strategy Supplementary Planning Document (SPD) sets out potential projects and objectives for the area that will guide planning, regeneration and other development and management decisions. It will also form a basis for applications for any potential external funding.

After several consultations, meetings and discussion the final documents have been produced and are available for download.

Click the link to visit our Strategy site with the PDF copies of all documents associated with the campaign for download. TCAMS Documents

Tynemouth Village Conservation Area Management Strategy

Whats is a CAMS?

Inevitably, a conservation area changes over time, sometimes in a good way and others in a negative way. Change should be welcome in any place, so it's not about preventing change but managing it in a positive way. A management strategy is the planning tool to do that - it can help to enhance the conservation area and ensure it changes for the better in future to deal with development pressure or neglect. It can't deal with everything, after all, it is a planning document so it has to be usable and realistic.

The TCAMS website has now closed down if you would like to see what documents and processes were involved click the link (a copy of the site will open in a new window) Tynemouth Village Conservation Area Management Strategy