Priors Haven

A bright November morning and a timeless image of a Poppy entertaining a mother and child while they enjoy the clear sunny November air at Priors Haven Tynemouth. To the north of the famous ruins of Tynemouth Priory, a sun trap of Priors haven offers peace and solitude. Tynemouth Long Sands has long been recognized as one of the best beaches in the UK, and in 2103 was voted by Trip-advisor as the UKs fourth favourite beach. Hidden beyond Tynemouth Priory is the lesser known Priors Haven . A small beach within the mouth of the Tyne, sheltered between the Priory and the Spanish Battery, with the Pier access on its north side. Home to the local sailing clubs, it has been a popular beach since Victorian times

At the Haven you will find free parking

The Tynemouth Volunteer Life Brigade Museum

Tynemouth Sailing Club

Tynemouth Rowing Club

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