Longsands Beach.

Longsands Beach has repeatedly won the Blue Flag and Quality Coast Award accessible by slip road with parking meters and more parking meters between Longsands and Tynemouth Village. Close to the beach is Tynemouth Park and the Blue Beach Aquarium. ​The beach is cleaned daily

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Life Guards on the beach

img/RNLI on Longsands-7.jpgRNLI Lifeguards are on duty from June 2 until September 2. They advise swimmers to keep between the red and yellow flags and avoid the edge of the bay where rip currents more likely.

RNLI Lifeboat Station &Tynemouth Volunteer Life Brigade News​


Dogs on the beach

Dogs are banned from 1st May until 30th September and at other times. There is a dog exercise area and dog walkers are asked to use the bins provided.

North Tyneside Policy


Down on the beach is Crusoe's the cafe with that little bit extra for those who have not brought food with them, also The Grand Hotel above the beach with a bit more comfort and spender and Tynemouth Surf Cafe the in place for surfers.


Surfing and Webcams

Tynemouth Surf for live cam footage.

Rise Surf for those wishing to learn to surf correctly.

Longsands Surf School as an alternative to the above.

Tides and Tide tables 10 day for cast at Tynemouth

​Easy Tide Prediction For the Tynemouth and North Shields area.

The Lion's Head Fountain

Tynemouth Village Association have been campaigning for the revival of the Victorian fountain which is buried on Longsands.

It was dug up but die to safety requirements buried again. See TVA newsletter


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Jet Skis

Are not allowed closer than 440 yards inside the low watermark and have a five miles per hour speed limit. At the moment they can be launched from Cullercoats but Cullercoats residents have complained about noise and safety issues. There have been concerns expressed at Community meetings held by the ​Tynemouth Village Association.

​Full regulations link

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