The Lions Head Fountain

This large edifice is situated at the south end of Tynemouth Long Sands. Over the years it has been discovered, lost and then re-discovered by various generations. It currently lies buried by the sand behind Crusoe’s café and the Village association believe now is the time for full restoration to its former glory.

On the site of a purported chalybeate (mineral) spring used since the 1820s for its health-giving properties, the fountain was built in 1863 and became known as the Engine Well or the Lion’s Head Fountain.

The spring emerges on the beach to the north of Crusoe’s café. The water which flows from it towards the sea has been used by countless children and their parents as entertainment and for exercises in mini dam-building.

Tynemouth Village Association has asked North Tyneside Council for help with this proposed restoration project and a reply is currently being awaited. We would like to see the fountain fully restored and are willing to take the lead in any efforts, but we would need the backing and expertise of the Council in order to achieve this.

The TVLB, The Tynemouth Village Association and other volunteers, were given permission by the Council to dig up the fountain but on the condition it was recovered immediately due to concerns about Health and Safety. We hope that the council will arrange effective measures to maintain safety while uncovering this beautiful item from Tynemouth's Heritage.


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