Letters to Tynemouth Village Association

Do let us know your ideas and what you think:-

Having spent my childhood and youth in Tynemouth before moving away, I was very shocked and distressed to see how the Permian cliff overlooking King Edward's Bay has been defaced by bright yellow notices along the whole face.

This is an important part of our heritage, both in terms of its unique geology and its historic significance, as well as a much loved and iconic view when rounding the sea front. There should no more be signs attached to it than to any other ancient monument such as Hadrian's Wall or the Priory itself.

I can't remember seeing any other beautiful cliff face round Britain's coast so ruined by such a rash of intrusive signs. I do understand that this is a perceived Health and Safety issue - I sometimes wonder how my, and previous generations managed to reach adulthood - but surely one sign in a more discreet place would have sufficed, and I would beg you to consider very strongly removing these blights on the landscape.

Sadly, another iconic approach towards the start of the pier was also spoilt for me by the dreadful amount of rubbish in the bushes and shrubs. I noticed that there is to be a 'Big Spring Clean' but surely there is a duty of ongoing care to this famous landmark with say, Community service offenders litter picking on a regular basis.

I noticed many more restaurants and bars to attract visitors to Front Street, but I'm afraid many must take home a very bad impression of what used to be our beautiful seafront heritage.

Yours faithfully,

Patricia Interlink



We are a local civic association concerned to protect and promote the Tynemouth Village Conservation Area for the benefit of posterity and for those now who live here or come to enjoy its many attractions. Although pubs and restaurants etc are valued and important to the local economy, there needs to be balance between these and other considerations relevant to our village. We are entitled to the quiet that enables us to sleep at a reasonable hour and to walk safely around in the evening and this is often not the case now for residents and guests in and around Front Street at the week-end.

1)   We consider there are already too many liquor outlets for a village of this size and we favour it becoming a Cumulative Impact Area.
2)   We favour an Early Morning Restriction Order for Tynemouth and also favour a Late Night Levy. We recognize this would have to be Borough-wide and so might seem to be unfair to a few licensed premises, but we think this is less unfair that the public purse having to pay for the police and health service costs resulting from the late-night sale of alcohol.
3) We believe that the aims of the Licensing Policy should be more broadly interpreted ie ‘Disorder’ and ‘Public Nuisance’ should not be defined solely by police arrest statistics but should include loud noise at night, vomiting and urinating in the streets, on doorsteps, in gardens and in dustbins, and public drunkenness.
4)   Domestic abuse is associated with excessive consumption of alcohol. As well as the tragedy of people, mainly women and children, being unsafe in their own homes, this is the source of a big workload for Social Services. In addition no doubt the Director of Public Health can provide information about the damage to health and cost to the health services resulting from heavy alcohol consumption, including by young people and even children - and it is obvious that longer opening hours lead to greater consumption of alcohol. It should be possible to take into account these issues of public good in making licensing decisions.
5)   Existing laws should be more stringently applied:
        a) For example, deterrent fines should be imposed on licensees who not only sell alcohol to those who are under age but also sell it to people who have already had too much to drink.
        b) Another source of nuisance would be reduced if taxis were fined for parking on double yellow lines and for waiting with their engines running for long periods of time.
        c) Tynemouth is a Conservation Area and its appearance is disfigured by A-Boards, many of them advertising cheap alcohol and obstructing the public pavement, which we believe is illegal.
6) Improved liaison between the police and others and between local authority departments would contribute to protecting the village. In particular joint enforcement of Planning Conditions and Licensing Conditions by both police and LA officers would be cost effective and less frustrating to residents who seek to draw attention to problems associated with licensed premises.

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