Letters to Tynemouth Village Association

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Having spent my childhood and youth in Tynemouth before moving away, I was very shocked and distressed to see how the Permian cliff overlooking King Edward's Bay has been defaced by bright yellow notices along the whole face.

This is an important part of our heritage, both in terms of its unique geology and its historic significance, as well as a much loved and iconic view when rounding the sea front.

There should no more be signs attached to it than to any other ancient monument such as Hadrian's Wall or the Priory itself. I can't remember seeing any other beautiful cliff face round Britain's coast so ruined by such a rash of intrusive signs.

I do understand that this is a perceived Health and Safety issue - I sometimes wonder how my, and previous generations managed to reach adulthood - but surely one sign in a more discreet place would have sufficed, and I would beg you to consider very strongly removing these blights on the landscape.

Sadly, another iconic approach towards the start of the pier was also spoilt for me by the dreadful amount of rubbish in the bushes and shrubs. I noticed that there is to be a 'Big Spring Clean' but surely there is a duty of ongoing care to this famous landmark with say, Community service offenders litter picking on a regular basis.

I noticed many more restaurants and bars to attract visitors to Front Street, but I'm afraid many must take home a very bad impression of what used to be our beautiful seafront heritage.

Yours faithfully,

Patricia Linkleter