These are a few of the opinions shared by residents in and around the Tynemouth area who have been in contact about the jet skiing campaign.

'they should ban jet skiers through bylaws'

Good evening I live in Tynemouth and received your flyer but unfortunately I am unable to attend the debate. We walk the beaches regularly so I want to offer my wife and my views as a contribution the debate.

1. The Port of Tyne has regulatory authority to three miles out to sea. I am not certain if that is a three mile radial distance from the pier heads but if so that would capture the seaway out to Cullercoats. Within their area the speed limit is 6 knots and in 2010 they prosecuted successfully jet skiers on the river for very excessive speed. But I would suggest they do not police outside the piers.

2. Jet skiers are not licensed unlike most other EU countries and even worse they do not require insurance so if an accident occurs the plaintiff has to pursue a civil case for costs. UK legislation is very weak in this area.

3. Crown Estates controls the sea out to 12 miles but it seems that recreational sport does not come within their remit.

4. Jet skiers bring no economic value to the locality unlike surfers who enhance the regions reputation for surfing.

5. Rather than the council shifting launching sites they should ban jet skiers through bylaws.

6. All too often I have witnessed jet skiers coming too close to swimmers and surfers with little regard for safety. As a last resort deploy buoys delineating jet skier access.

Regards    Brian Cocksedge

The introduction of jet ski noise would be a tragedy for the many people who envy tranquility and atmosphere of this special area'

Thank you for informing us of the above proposal. We think it would be a total mistake to introduce jet skies to this location, on the following grounds:-

1. SAFETY. Not only are jet skis a hazard to the shipping, sailing, surfing, canoeing and swimming which regularly take place in this area, but the road access over the narrow bridge to the Haven is already at times congested by pedestrians cyclists and cars, without the added hazard of jet ski transportation.

2. NOISE POLLUTION. The introduction of jet ski noise would be a tragedy for the many people who enjoy the tranquility and atmosphere of this special area.

3. If jet skies are to moved from Cullercoats, it would seem more practical to site them at Whitley Bay, where there is a long open stretch of water and beach access, toilets etc. already existing at Watts slope.

We will not be at the Meeting on 16th. May, but send our good wishes. Brian and Judith Renwick.

'ruining the enjoyment of many for the pleasure of very few'

We regret that we will not be in Tynemouth for the meeting to be held on the 16 May. We would like to record our strong objection to the proposal to allow jet skis to launch from Tynemouth Haven.

Your web site identifies the issues very well: danger, noise and ruining the enjoyment of many for the pleasure of a (very) few.

Kind regards,   Graham Alder

'detrimental to the beauty and most of all the tranquility of the area'

I was unable to attend the May 16th debate regarding jet skis at Tynemouth. Although I am not yet a resident of Tynemouth, as a frequent and enthusiastic visitor of the community.

I feel very strongly that the addition of jet skis would be detrimental to the beauty and most of all the tranquility of the area. I am eager to attach my name to any petition expressing such sentiment, and I hope the Village Association will post updates regarding the issue on its website.

Sincerely,   Nathan Kane

'suggest that the council refers to its own literature in relation to the importance of the haven'

We are residents of Tynemouth village (55 Percy Park). We would like to add our support to the association's objection to the council's plans to allow jet skis to use the Haven.

We would suggest that the council refers to its own literature in relation to the importance of the haven and the surrounding cliffs to migrating sea birds which would no doubt be disturbed by the maritime equivalent to boy racers who as your quotation illustrates seldom have any regard for regulations.

Regards   Michael and Judy Maughan

'it's not only the human populations that are disturbed'

Hi, I saw your poster in the Co-op today, and although I no longer live in the village I visit regularly ,*my Mum lives in Tynemouth-.

I wish to support your campaign against jet skis. On our visits we often walk on beach, pier etc to enjoy the coast .It was lovely today.!

Up and down the coast a very small number are regularly around to spoil the peace and tranquility of the our wonderful coast line. It is not only human populations that are disturbed I am sure the wildlife-nesting birds for example would be happier without them. Why should Tynemouth put up with them if Cullercoats do not want them?

Good luck with the campaign.   Mark Farrer & Molly Send

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