Places of Worship Tynemouth

For further information on any one place of worship click the link or phone the number


St Oswins Front Street Tynemouth

St Marys Church Farringdon Road Cullercoats

Churches (RC) or call 0191 251 3770

 St Oswins Church    St Marys Church

St Oswins Church Tynemouth         St Marys Church Cullercoats

Holy Saviour Tynemouth (C of E) Tynemouth Priory

Holy Saviour or call 0191 257 0660

Holy Saviour's Church

St George's Church (C of E) Cullercoats

St George's Church or call 0191 252 1817

St George's Church Cullercoats

Cullercoats Methodist Church

Cullercoats Methodist Church or call 0191 251 5801

Cullercoats Methodist Church

Christ Church (C of E) North Shields

Christ Church or call 0191 258 6653

Christ Church North Shields

The Salvation Army North Shields

The Salvation Army or call 0191 257 6767

Salvation Army
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